Below: photography by Fred + Elliott
Client:  Ellwood Thompson's Local Market, Richmond, VA // 2016
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Production
Channels:  Print
Project:  Private Label Packaging Design

Packaging created for private label teas for Ellwood Thompson's, using existing private label branding guidelines. Because the names are not very indicative of the type of tea or benefits, I researched the ingredients, edited the supplied descriptions - on the side - and added the descriptive terms to the front of the packaging to better communicate to consumers what each tea might taste like / what the benefits might be. The color palette was chosen to match the tea names and blends and is somewhat muted, to reflect the soothing effect of enjoying a cup of tea, yet still lively enough to fall within Ellwood's brand identity. I chose the label size, style and ordered and printed them in-house, which was much more cost-efficient than getting short runs printed professionally.

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