Client:  Ellwood Thompson's Local Market, Richmond, VA // 2016
Role: Graphic Design, Packaging Design
Channels:  Print
Project:  Private Label Wine Packaging

Although Ellwood Thompson's has set branding for their private label packaging, we decided to create a stand-alone design for the 2016 wine packaging; we wanted a product that had distinction and a sense of exclusivity. All packing design influences purchasing decisions to a certain extent but wine is one of those products that consumers will buy just because they like the label - we wanted something that was more along the lines of art, rather than matching our other private label branding. However, I was limited in the freedom I had to create these labels because the manufacturer had already sealed the bottles with colored foil capsules that had a design on them. The challenge was to create uniquely designed packaging that matched the capsules, yet also matched Ellwood Thompson’s brand. Ellwood Thompson’s defines “local” as “100 miles from the store, as the crow flies,” so we expanded on the idea of incorporating a crow in the wine packaging, which was produced and bottled locally.

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